• Karen Tran-Harding

How to support the black community year round

“Only by not forgetting the past can we be the master of the future.”

— Ba Jin

Black history month, or African American history month, is an annual month-long observance in February that remembers important people and events in African history. This significant month has never been more vital since the events of last year.

The nation rallied hard around the Black community last summer after COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrated once again the glaring racial and health disparities in our nation. Unfortunately, just like with a lot of current events, these all too important memories tend to fade and we can sometimes lose sight of the causes we once all united so fiercely behind.

We can’t let that happen this time. We all must keep supporting the Black community even after this month ends.

One way is to donate to important causes such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund or these other great charities. Another tremendous way is to support Black-owned businesses whenever we possibly can. It’s no secret that Black-owned businesses were hit much harder than Caucasian-owned businesses in 2020. So it’s imperative that we build up and continue to support these businesses long after the global health crisis subsides.

A great list of Black-owned businesses all across the U.S. can be found here. Many of these have online shops and even have excellent discounts right now.

I am extremely proud to support these great businesses and here are just a few of the shops that I’m already opening up my wallet for:

STELLA & HAAS, a store with beautiful and affordable jewelry for you or your significant other. They are dedicated to be a "place of inclusivity and representation for all". There's even a 10% discount for subscribers!

Justice of the Pies, a VERY delicious looking bakery that partners with DreamOn Education and the Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) that is committed to "providing decency and equality while consistently seeking ways in which it can be a steward for fairness".

Sir Dogwood, a super adorable pet boutique, that even donates a portion of their monthly sales to One Tail At A Time, a Chicago non-profit whose mission is to end pet homelessness.

How cute are these pups in their sweaters?!

Bliss, a skincare brand that is clean and 100% cruelty free. The products are in beautiful packages, affordable, and have unique concepts such as Rose Gold and Watermelon products. There's a 15% discount for subscribers!

And a great place that I sorely miss from Lexington, Kentucky. Sav's is a restaurant and gourmet ice cream store owned by the nicest family and serving the BEST West African cuisine that I haven't been able to find since. To this day, we buy and ship the Piment Habanero sauce by the case!

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