About Me

I'm Karen Tran-Harding MD. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m obviously no political expert, commentator, or political science major. All I am is a physician and the daughter of immigrants that came to the United States with nothing after the Vietnam War to escape Communism. I’m just a person that has felt what it’s like to be financially stable but also completely dirt poor and unable to afford health insurance. I’m just someone who was raised in Southern California, one of the most liberal places in America, only to move away to Kentucky, one of the most conservative, for 10 years. I’m just some millennial living in a technological world but with the soul of a 70-year-old grandmother.

But what I have always been is a fantastic listener. And because of that, I have always been willing to hear every opinion about every subject matter with an open mind. I may not always agree but I am committed to always see every person’s side of the story.

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